Bank Bike Financing

What is Meezan Bike Ijarah?

Bike Ijarah is Pakistan’s first Riba-free motorcycle financing facility which is based on the Islamic financing mode of Ijarah Bike Ijarah works through a bike rental agreement, under which the Bank purchases the vehicle and rents it out to the customer for a period of 1 to 3 years, agreed at the time of the contract. Upon completion of the Ijarah period, the vehicle will be sold at a token amount or gifted to the customer.

Key Features

  • Two Periodic Maintenance
  • Low Monthly Rental
  • Rental after Delivery
  • Fast Processing and Delivery
  • Takaful Available

Unique Selling Points

  • Pakistan’s first completely Shariah-compliant Motercycle Financing Scheme
  • Lowest per month rent
  • Lowest processing charges
  • Lowest up front payment
  • First rent after one month of delivery
  • Availability of Takaful
  • Competitive Service

Required Documents

General Requirements

  • Copy of Applicant's CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card)
  • One Passport-sized colour photograph of the applicant
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Declaration of Financing
  • Signature Verification Form

Specific Requirements

For Salaried Individuals

  • Original / Certified copy of Bank Statement (last 6 months)
  • Original / Certified copy of Pay Slip
  • Employer's certificate including Tenor /Designation /Salary

For Businessmen / SEP

  • Original / Certified copy of Bank Statement (last 12 months)
  • 2 years Proof of Business (e.g. Tax return / Bank Certificate/ any other document)